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    How to Add, Update, and Remove a Third-Party Contact and Their Permissions

    **NWACC prioritizes the privacy of our students and adheres to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations. To safeguard the student's information, we require their explicit permission before releasing any details from their file.**<>


    **What is a Third-Party User?** A Third-Party User is an individual with their own Workday account who can access certain sections of your Student account, such as Grades and Financial Aid. Additionally, with appropriate permissions, a Third-Party User can communicate with NWACC on your behalf regarding specific topics you authorize. **The Student retains control over granting these permissions. If you wish to grant access to someone to view parts of your account or speak with NWACC on your behalf, please follow this guide.**


    Once logged into Workday, **in the top right, click on the Profile Icon.**
    Click "**View Profile**"
    Click "**Contact**"
    Click "**Friends and Family**"
    Do you see a contact already listed? If you need to Update or Delete the contact, continue to step 6. To add a new contact, just click on the "Add" button and jump to step 8.
    To Update or Remove a contact, click on the **Actions button**
    **To Update, click "Edit Friends and Family"** **To Remove, click "Remove Friends and Family"**
    **If you want your contact to have their own Workday account to access information like your grades and financial aid that you permit, please check this box.**
    Add the **Contacts First & Last Name** and then click on the **Contact Information tab**
    **Provide your Contact's Phone and/or Address and/or Email.** **If providing Third-Party access, you MUST provide their email.**


    **Need to Update or Remove Third Party Permissions?** Follow steps 1-6 and then click on Actions.
    Click "**Manage Permissions for My Third Party**"
    Click "**OK**"
    **Review the Permissions and Check or Uncheck the box next to Allowed and then click OK.**
    Enter the **Purpose of Waiver**, click the **Confirm** box, and then click **Submit**.
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