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    How to Add Your Place of Business to the ACCE 'Salt Lake City Guide'

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    Navigate to [](
    Click the green "Add Point Button" in the lower left hand of the screen.
    Select the Category that aligns to your place of business.
    Type your business name in the "Search for a Place" text box. Select your place of business from the drop down.
    Fill in the name of your business. Then, input details for your business. You might choose to add business hours, a link to the menu, etc.
    Under Actions, you may include a URL to your business's website. If you do include a URL, a button that directs to the URL will appear for the map viewer when they click on your business's map point.
    If you would like to include a Special Offer/Promotion code for map viewers, you can toggle on 'Special Offer'.
    Type in the terms of the Special offer or promotion code into the box that appears.
    Enter your email and click 'Save and Close'
    Your map point will appear if the map administrator approves the addition.
    Tip! You will receive an email with a link to access your map point. You own this map point and can make updates to it over time.
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