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    How to Add a Bank Account on Fena Toolkit?

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    Navigate to <> and login
    Click this setting icon
    Click "Bank accounts"
    Click "Add bank account"
    Select your country (Only the UK is supported right now, but additional countries will be added throughout the year). Click "continue"
    Select your bank
    Click "Continue"
    Scan the QR code to launch your banking app, log-in and and authorise the request, or alternatively click "Continue on the desktop" if you'd like to use online banking instead.
    In many cases, the account will be verified immediately, but if not then it will be verified within 24 hours
    If your account is not in the list, click "Connect account manually"
    Click into and add details, filling in the field as required
    Upload a recent bank statement. This statement must be less than 3 months old. Then click "+ Add bank account" and you're done
    You've now added a bank account. You can edit or remove the bank account by clicking on this three dot icon
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