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    How to Add a Holiday and Vacation Message to ZOOM Voicemail

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    Navigate to [](
    Click this icon to use your Google Account to sign in to ZOOM
    Click your Gowithcore name / email in the middle of the screen
    Click "Phone"
    In the middle to lower part of the screen you will see a section titled "Holiday Hours"
    Click "Holiday Hours, Manage"
    Click "Add"
    Click the "Enter a holiday name" field to title your OOO handling
    Click the "Select Date And Time" field.
    Click "14"
    Click the "Select Date And Time" field for your Start Date you wish to have your calls handled
    The second set of dates would be the last day of your Time Off. The [[time option]] at the Top of your screen also allows you to customize the time!
    Click [[OK]] when done to make the calendar view go away
    Verify your dates are correct & click [[Save]]
    Under Greeting & Leave voicemail instruction, Click [[Edit]]
    Click "Add Audio"
    Click "Text to Speech" if you would like to use the Text to Speech option or you can Upload or Record by Computer to use your own voice!
    Click the "Enter an asset name" field
    Tip! It's a good idea to name your asset something unique if using it for Vacation. (i.e. Your Name Vacation - 1/3/23)
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