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    How to Add a New Product to Inventory

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    Open the Admin Panel
    Navigate to Inventory module
    Click "Add product"
    Enter the product name, use this field to provide more info about the product to distinguish it from others, e.g 500mg caps or even the brand name
    Pick the product type, for physical items with stock tracking select product
    Search and select the right product category for the product
    Enter the unit of measure for the smallest form of packaging. e.g Tablet. You could also use this field to specify the package name based of the payment method e.g Insurance or Cash.
    Enter the price of the particular package
    Ensure to mark the item as available for purchase to have it at the billing interface
    Click "Add package(s)" to add additional packages
    Enter the unit of measure for the additional package, this could be the next size of packaging or payment method e.g Box for size or Insurance for payment method.
    For a unit of measure based on the packaging size, you can edit the units per package to specify the number of units in that package, remember that the number specified here will be the stock effect on sales.
    Enter the price of the package. Notice how the price is used in situations where multiplying the units per package by the selling price for a unit does not equate. This is useful for bulk item purchase discounts.
    Here also we are not forgetting to mark it available for purchase
    Next we set the low stock notifications indicating a number for the system to alert on low stock if the stock levels fall below it
    Lastly Click "Save changes" to add the product into the system
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