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    How to Add a Partner to Arrow MSP

    • Coco Bloom |
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    Click the Clients icon in the left side tray
    Click "Manage Partners"
    Click "Add new partner"
    You are able to view more information for each option by clicking the description. For this example, we are using the MSP Partner option.
    Click "ARROW-MSP-CORE"
    Choose whether this partner is an MSP or a VAR, and Click "Next"
    Click the "Partner name*" field.
    Enter all Partner information
    Enter your preferred URL identifier and Click "Check availability"
    Next, fill out the Contact information for the Partner
    After you have completely filled out the Partner information, Contact information, and have set a password for the Admin partner user, Click "Next"
    In the Review section, you are able to see the Products that are available to your new Partner.
    Once you have confirmed that all the Partner information you have entered is correct, Click "Submit"
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