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    How to Add and Manage Users in WordPress

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    Navigate to the Admin login link for your Wordpress website.\ \ Login using your Administrator credentials.
    In the left hand panel, click "Users"
    On the User dashboard, you can Delete, Edit or Add users.
    To add a new user: \ Click "Add New" at the top of the page.
    Complete all required fields. The First Name and Last Name fields are not marked as required, but if your website has security hardening enabled, those fields might be required as well. Security tip: never use "admin" or your first name as the username.
    Wordpress generates a unique, strong password. Save the generated password, or create a strong password of your choice. Save the password - you will not be able to see your password again on this dashboard. You will only be able to change your password from this dashboard.
    Select the most appropriate role for the new user. Shop Manager let's the user upload and manage products and orders - only areas related to WooCommerce. Customer is what your users will be allocated when they register or make a purchase on your site. You wouldn't typically create a user manually with this role. Editor let's the user publish and manage post content, like blog articles. Administrator gives the user full access to the backend of your site. \ Web developers will need Administrator access on your site to make backend or frontend changes.
    Click "Add New User"
    To delete a user, go to the User dashboard, and click "Delete"
    You will need to Confirm Deletion before the user will be deleted.
    To update a user profile, click "Edit". You can change any of the information that was filled in on user creation.
    Just a reminder that you will be able to set a new password, but you will not be able to see your existing user profile password.
    To update, click "Update Profile".
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