How to Add and Update Player Settings | Scribe

    How to Add and Update Player Settings

        Navigate to [](
        Enter the login details - Default details are admin and password
        Click "Add" to Add additional players
        To Access the settings of the player, click on the player
        Click here for General settings
        Click here for Player Settings

        Specific Player Settings

        Enter the Friendly Name of the player

        Audio Mode

        Select the desired audio mode
        **Audio Modes**\ \ **Pass Through**: Best used when part of the on air chain, this mode will pass through the input audio **Player Only:** This mode will monitor the input audio but only play the emergency player audio on the output.

        Audio Detection Settings

        Set the desired audio level threshold - **Default is -80db**
        Click this dropdown to select the playlist mode
        **Playlist Modes** **Shuffled:** the playlist will be random **Sorted:** The playlist will be played in the order displayed in the fill assets menu
        Set the desired Silence Timeout in Seconds
        The Silence Detect period starts when the audio drops below the Audio Low Threshold
        Set the return audio timeout in seconds
        the Return Timeout determine how long the audio must be above the audio threshold before switching back to Live input
        Click this dropdown to select the Silence Detect Mode
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