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    How to Apply for Army Credentialing Assistance.

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    Search for "ArmyIgniteED" on google.
    Click "ArmyIgnitED"
    Click "GET STARTED"
    Click "The Army`s Credentialing Assistance Program is a multi-faceted program that provides eligible Soldiers the opportunity to earn professional and ..."
    Click here.
    Click "LOGIN"
    Click on "Education Programs"
    Click "Credentialing Assistance"
    Click on the button with your MOS or click on "NON-MOS Related" if the certificate falls outside the scope of your MOS.
    Use the search bar to search for your desired credential. For this guide I will be doing Comptia Cloud+
    When you find the certificate you are looking for click "view"
    Then Click "Create Education Goal"
    After doing a quick review, click "submit Goal"
    Click "YES"
    Click "CONTINUE"
    Now we will get our quote from the vendor, I will be using Trepa Technologies. Navigate to their website<>
    Fill In the the web form with your contact information. To choose your desired class, click on the drop down for "Product/Class" and select it from the list. Write down your class dates, as you will need them later to submit for Credentialing assistance. To prevent any difficulties with the Army Ignited system, ensure your class dates are no earlier than 45 days and later than 90 days out.
    If you would also like a quote for a voucher, ensure you activate the toggle switch for it.
    Click "Receive Your Quote Instantly!"
    View your quote(s) and ensure to save a copy to your desktop. You will need when submitting for Credentialing assistance. Alternatively, you can download a copy that was also sent to your email address.
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