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    How to Assign Activities in Seesaw for Kindergarten

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    Navigate to [](
    Click this image.
    Click "Assign Activity"
    Click "Seesaw Library"
    Click "Early Literacy"
    Click "Kindergarten"
    Pick a lesson
    Tip! There are multiple activities in each lesson.
    Click "Click to preview" to look at the specific activity
    The arrows let you see all the pages in that activity
    Click the x when you are done previewing
    Click "Assign" if you like the activity
    You can assign it to all students OR you can assign it to a group of students.
    Tip! Click HERE for a [video tutorial]( on making student groups.
    If you leave the start date as "Today, Now", it will instantly be available to students. If you want to schedule it for a later time, click here and choose the date and time.
    Click "Save"
    Tip! If you have multiple classes, a box will pop up and you select which classes you want to assign it to.
    Click "Assign Now"
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