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    How to Borrow and Manage Kindle eBooks from the Library

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    Borrowing an eBook in Libby and delivering it to your Amazon eReader involves three steps... 1. Borrow the title on a device other than your eReader using the Libby App or at []( 2. Select "Read with Kindle." Libby will then launch you into your []( account login page. 3. Click on the yellow "Get Library Book" button to deliver the book using your []( account to your eReader. If your eReader is connected to WiFi, your book should be available to read on your eReader in 1-5 minutes.
    Detailed steps are below. If your card is already registered on the Libby App or at [](, skip to "11" below...
    Open the Libby App or Navigate to <>
    Click here.
    Click "Add Library"
    Click "Minuteman Library Network Medford Public Library 111 High Street Medford, Massachusetts, USA and 70 other branches"
    Click "Sign In With My Card"
    Click "Minuteman Library Patrons"
    Enter your library card number and, after hitting next, enter your library account password/pin.
    Click "Next"
    Click "Search"
    Click "kindle"
    Click this icon.
    Click "general content"
    Click "historical fiction"
    Click here.
    Click "available now"
    Click "SHOW 2,308 TITLES"
    Click "Borrow"
    Click "14 days"

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