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    How to Change "My Tasks" View in Asana

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    "My Tasks" have different view options than when you're in a project. The options are found on the right hand side of the screen. The three major options are: 1) Incomplete or complete tasks 2) Group By 3) Sort
    Under "Group By" there are 5 options: 1) None 2) Due Date 3) Project 4) Created By 5) Custom Sections
    The second option is task status.
    You can choose from Incomplete tasks, Completed tasks, or All tasks. If you choose completed tasks, you can sort by when the task was completed.
    To be able to use the third option, "Sort", you need to have "Group by" set to "none".
    Sort will then be enabled.
    Under "sort" you have 5 options: 1) Start date 2) Created on 3) Last modified on 4) Likes 5) Alphabetical
    Whatever view or sort options you choose will only be visible to you since it will only apply in "My Tasks".
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