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    How to Check Admission Status

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      Navigate to <>
      Click the "Login ID:" field and enter your RAM Student ID# (900xxxxxx) Click the "PIN:" to enter your Pin number - Which is your 6 digit Date Of Birth Click Login.
      Click "Continue"
      Under the "Processed Applications" section, click the Admission Term you are starting school. For the example below, we selected "Spring 2023"
      Scroll down to the "Requirement" Section to view all items required in order for your admissions application to be completed.
      Each item in the "Requirements" column should have a date listed in the "Received" column. A blank/missing date in the "Received" column means we have received or have not processed that item yet.
      Tip! Missing Immunization Requirement will NOT PREVENT the student from being admitted, but it WILL PREVENT the student from being able to register for classes.
      Contact RAM Central for any questions about your account.
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