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    How to Claim and Renew a Sign License

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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Apply for a Permit" to arrive at the Develop901 Customer Portal.
    Click "CREATE AN ACCOUNT", if you do not already have one.
    Enter your information in the "Login Information" section. Follow the instructions to enter account details. Select a password with at least 8 characters with at least 1 number, 1 special character, and 1 upper case letter.
    Click "CONTINUE" and complete address information on the next page. Click "SUBMIT" when complete.
    After your account is successfully created, you must login. Click "Login".
    Click 'Licenses for Contractors, Signs, Elevators, & Short-term Rentals".
    Click "Apply for a License, Sign, Elevator, Short-term Rental"
    Click the "I have read and accepted the above terms." field.
    Click "Continue Application »"
    Click "Claim a License"
    Click "Claim a License"
    Click "Continue Application »"
    Enter the record number ID number from the invoice in the "License Number:" field. Please **enter the number exactly as shown** on the invoice. Contact information should be auto-populated from your account profile. If required fields have been left blank, please complete them to move forward.
    Click "Continue Application »" to proceed to the Review page. Select "Continue Application »" again.
    Once the confirmation message is received, click "Search & Renew Licenses" to find the license you claimed.
    Find the "Record Number" of the sign license noted on the invoice.
    Click "Renew License" in the Action column. A new window will open.
    Confirm the address of the sign's physical location. If you are uncertain of the parcel number, you add address, parcel, and owner from our system. To do this, select 'Clear' in the Address section. Enter only the street number, then select 'Search'. A list of address options will appear. Choose your address from the list. The parcel and owner information can be selected next. Address, parcel, and owner information will be added to the form. You can edit if needed.
    Ensure the Contact List section includes a 'Billing Contact'. If it is not present, select "Add New" or "Select from Account". Ensure all required fields are completed. Even if the Billing Contact is present, you may be required to select 'Edit' and add information to the contact if you did not complete your profile in full.

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