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    How to Configure Audio Settings in Encoder Unit

        Navigate to [](
        Tip! Your Webserver be on a different port
        Enter Credentials and Click "LOGIN"
        Click the ADD Button To Add a New Encoder Unit.
        Click the Newly Added EncoderUnit.
        Click "Settings"
        Click "Audio IO and Processing"
        Select the Input Device Drop Down
        Tip! When using ASIO Select the Left Channel Only
        Click "Update Encoder Settings"
        To Enable Audio Processing Click Processor Enabled
        Alert! When Enabling Stereo Tools Ensure CPU Provisions Have Been Made as Stereo Tool Can be CPU Intensive
        To Bypass the Process Toggle the Bypass Switch
        Load Your Preloaded Stereo Tools Presets
        Click "Import Preset" to Add Stereo Tool Preset
        Click Export to Export the current Stereo Tools Preset
        Click the Output Device dropdown to Select the Processor Output
        Click "Open WebUI" to Access Stereo Tool
        See the Stereo Tool Website for More Information on Stereo Tool
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