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    How to Configure Gradebook Settings in Blackbaud

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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Launch gradebook"
    Your Gradebook should launch. Click More.
    Click "Settings"
    Explore Display options. These are notations you can choose to use to comment about assignments given. Next Click "Gradebook access"
    Choose who you want to be able to see your gradebook. I like my students & parents to see the whole semester what their grade is. Click the boxes if you want them to see.
    I want my parents, students, and advisors (support staff) to see everything.
    Next Click "Grade calculation"
    Choose if you prefer grading with percentages or points.
    Next choose assignment types. You can always add more later. Click "Select assignment types"
    Choose the types of assignments you want in your gradebook.
    Click "Apply"
    Choose how much weight you want to give to a particular assignment. Here I want classwork to be 15% of my final grade.
    Total weight should equal 100%.
    You can also decide to drop some assignments. Here I choose to drop the lowest quiz grade. (I entered 1 because I only want 1 quiz dropped)
    Don't forget to click "Save" after you have set up both marking periods. Remember you can always go back and add assignment types.
    Your gradebook is set up. Time to add an assignment!
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