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    How to Connect Zapier to Chatmatic

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    Navigate to [](
    Click your profile photo in the top right hand corner...
    Click "API Key"
    Click "Our Zapier Walkthrough Documentation"
    In the document, scroll to Page 8. Under the headline "Accessing Our Zapier App," select the link (or just copy the link here:
    A new tab will open in Zapier. This is your invite. Scroll down and select "Accept Invite and Build a Zap."
    Click "Create Zap"
    Click the "Search apps…" field.
    Type "chatmatic"
    Click "Chatmatic (1.0.3)"
    Click the "EventRequired" field.
    Choose your event!
    Click "Continue"
    Time to authenticate your connection. Click "Sign in" in the bottom right corner to validate the connection.
    Go back to your Chatmatic app. Under your Profile Picture, select "API Key" again. Copy the key from the pop-up box.
    Paste your API Key that you copied from Chatmatic into the Zapier authentication pop-up.
    Click "Yes, Continue"
    Click "Continue"
    Click "Select Page"
    Click on the page you want to create a Zap for.

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