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    How to Create Drop Down Options in Google Sheets

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    This guide will show you how to create a drop down option in Google Sheets so you can select from a list of items. Google Sheets calls this "Data Validation"
    Go to your Google sheet
    Click "Data"
    Adding the drop down to Google Sheets requires adding a Data Validation. Select "Data Validation".
    Click in the "Cell Range" field to select the cells you'd like to add your drop down to.
    Highlight the cells and click OK.
    Google gives a few options on how to select your list for your drop down - click "Criteria" and select your preferred method. We'll show you how to select from a list of items.
    Enter the items in the list separated by a comma.
    If you want to require that someone selects an item from your list, select "Reject input". If you'd like the list to be more of a suggestion and allow them to still add their own items, select "Show warning"
    Click "Save"
    Check it out! You now have a list of items in Google sheets. Select the drop down icon to test your list.
    Great work 🎉!
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