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    How to Create a Content Calendar in Asana

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    Navigate to [](
    On your dashboard, click "Create Project"
    You can select from an array of templates (yes there are content calendar templates out there!) or add a blank project to start from scratch.
    Give your calendar a name like "Content Calendar" or "Editorial Calendar."
    Choose "Calendar" as your default view.
    Click "Continue"
    Now we can start adding tasks from our other projects. Click "Start adding tasks"
    Click "Go to project"
    Now we're looking at our standard calendar view.
    Do you have specific criteria you want to monitor? Such as: - Channel - Account (The Company, an influencer or internal rep?) - Word Count - Cost? - etc? If so, go to the Customize section on the right side of your screen.
    Automatically assignee, due date and projects should be available. To create a new field, Click "Add Custom Field"
    Give your field a name, then select the type of field you want from the drop down.
    For example, since one piece of content might go on several channels, I've chosen the "Multi-select" option.
    Click the "Option"
    Select the option name.
    Do the same thing for your remaining options.
    When done, click "Create Field"
    Make sure to toggle the fields you want visible on your calendar. I recommend: - Assignee - Due Date -Projects - Channel and any other custom field you created.
    Now we can add tasks to our calendar. Go to the projects you'll be pulling from.
    Click the project name.
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