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    How to Create a Custom Field in Salesforce

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    Click the gear icon.
    Click Setup
    Click "Object Manager"
    Find the object you want to add a field to. For this one we are going to click "Account"
    Click "Fields & Relationships"
    Click "New"
    These are the field types you can add. Click the "Checkbox" field.
    Click Next
    Give your field a name, this is what will be displayed to the end user.
    Click the "Help Text" field.
    Click the "Description" field.
    Click this Next.
    This screen sets field level security for profiles. You can make the field visible and/or read only based on profiles. You can change this later as needed.
    You can immediately drop the field on page layouts in this screen. You can also do this later.
    Click Save.
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