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    How to Create a Custom Formula Field in Asana

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    Option 1- Basic Formulas

    Click here.
    Click here.
    Add a field title.
    Click here.
    Click "Select field". Formulas are based on fields within the project. Any numbers or dates.
    Basic formulas can use add, subtract, multiply, and divide.
    Select the second field needed for the formula.
    Click here.
    Click "Create field"
    As you add numbers into the fields that the formula is using data from, the formula will adjust what is in the field you created. In this example, the formula field is "Paid to Date". Sums will also show up automatically at the bottom of a column once you begin adding numbers.

    Formulas Below Number Columns

    Asana automatically adds functions to the bottom of columns with numbers. You can change what function the column is using at any time by clicking on the function name, in this example you would click 'SUM".
    The drop down will show 5 function options. 1) Sum 2) Average 3) Minimum 4) Maximum 5) Count
    Each column function can be changed separately.

    Option 2- Advanced Formulas

    Click this icon.
    Click "Formula"
    Click "Switch to advanced mode"
    Within this panel, you can add custom formulas using both functions and fields already within the project.
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