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    How to Create a Drop Down List in Excel

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      To begin, open your workbook in Excel.
      Select the cell where you would like to add a drop down menu.
      Click "Data" from the top menu ribbon.
      Click "Data Validation." Depending on the size of your open window, it may only appear as the icon. You can either look for the icon with green checkmark and red circle, or make your window larger to see the words "Data Validation."
      A pop up window will appear. In Settings, under Validation Criteria, click "Any value."\ Select "List" from the drop down menu.
      Click in the text field under "Source" and type in the list of drop down menu items you want. Use commas to separate each item.\ Then click "OK" to close the pop up window.
      To quickly apply the drop down list to the cells below, click on the square at the bottom right of the cell and drag it down as far as you'd like.
      You can now click in a cell, use the arrow to the right to access the drop down menu, and then make a selection from your new menu!
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