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    How to Create a Job in Avionté Using Templates

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    Alert! The purpose of using templates is to lock markups and avoid mistakes when making changes to the candidate's pay rate
    Navigate to [](
    On the search bar type the company's name
    Click on the company's name
    Click "Create Job"
    Select the manager for that worksite
    Under job details on the right side select the mark up template
    Select the corresponding WC code
    Click the "Start Date" field and select the correct start date of the assignment
    Add the number of positions available
    Utilizing the template will lock the mark up
    Add the pay rate, the bill rate will automatically calculate
    Add the job owners (everyone in the branch recruiting for the order --> INCLUDING THE ONBOARDING SPECIALIST
    Type the position title
    Alert! If its an MSP order add the order number before the position title For example ; 1234- Freight Coordinator
    Click "Create Job"
    Click "Go to General Labor Job"
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