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    How to Create a Meeting Scheduling Page

        Click on "Sales" and then select "Meetings" from the top bar in HubSpot.
        Click on "Create scheduling page".
        Click here.
        Click on the "Internal name" field and give it a name that's easy for you and the team to recognize and use.
        Click on "Add videoconference link".
        If your Zoom account is already linked with HubSpot, choose that option and bypass steps 7-9.
        Click here.
        Click on "Zoom settings"
        You'll be directed to a new page to connect your Zoom account with HubSpot. Click "Link an account".
        Click on "Select a Zoom account", choose the one associated with your account, and then press the "Link Accounts" button.
        Return to the "Meeting schedule" page. In the "Description" field, type a brief message for those you invite. It's suggested to use the following template: \[I'm all set and confirmed for our meeting. If you need to cancel or you're likely to run late - please email me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])\]
        Turn on the "Create and reschedule" toggle if you want to let customers reschedule or cancel the meeting through the invitation email.
        Under "Meeting Type", choose "Sales".
        Once you've completed this section, click "Next".
        Under "Duration options", choose the meeting lengths that work best for you. These choices set the possible meeting times a potential lead can schedule with you.
        Choose your time zone in the provided field.
        You can also define your available hours using the options provided below.
        Click on "Additional settings" if you want to adjust other settings like "Minimum notice time" or "buffer time".
        Proceed to the "Form" tab.
        In this section, you can include contact properties to gather more information about your customer before the meeting.
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