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    How to Create a New Account for Tax Exempt Orders

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      Go to [](
      Tip! You can access the "Are you Tax-Exempt?" link in your cart after you've added your items to the cart, or at the bottom of the website.
      Here is where the "Are you Tax-Exempt?" is located in "Your Cart".
      Here is where the "Tax-exemptions Certificate" is located at the bottom of the website.
      Click "Create account."
      Enter your name, email address, and create a new password. Click the "Create" button
      Check your email for your Pig Brig Systems customer account confirmation email.
      Click the "Activate your account" link in the email.
      Tip! You will receive a Welcome email once you've activated your customer account.
      IMPORTANT STEP: Once you've activated your account, you must scroll down and click on the "Tax-exemption Certificate" link again to enter your tax-exempt information.
      Click "Submit Certificate".
      From here you will select your state from the "Select State" dropdown. Once you select your state, you will be prompted to enter the information needed to accept your tax-exempt purchase. If you don't see your state in the drop-down selections, you're in luck. You can purchase tax-free!
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