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    How to Create a New Purchase Order in UBIF Portal

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    This Process can be used to create P.O for Home+ parts as well!
    Click "POINT OF SALE"
    Click "Purchasing"
    Click "Create New PO"
    For most P.Os you will choose the "Custom" option, even for a weekly Distro order.
    When creating a P.O for Distro Parts always keep an eye one the "FUSION CUT-OFF TIME" as this means that any P.O you make will be fused with any other Auto- orders you have on the system, If there are no Auto-orders pending you can still submit it as a weekly Distro order which is done every Friday.
    Click the "Search to add items..." field.
    Add the item you need to order.
    For Home+ P.O you need to have created the item on inventory prior to creating the Purchase Order. For help creating items on inventory you can refer to [[[]]]( for help on creating and adding items.
    Click this dropdown to select you specific vendor. (i.e. where the part came from)
    For all Home+ P.O the default vendor is eBay, no matter where the part came from, this allows more flexibility when setting the price for the part
    Set the Price we payed for for each individual part.
    always be careful and read the receipt or the invoice for the part that was ordered since the total amount will include all of the parts you ordered. So if we ordered 10 PS5 HDMI ports and out total was $100 each HDMI is worth $10, so on the P.O the price for the the part is $10. For Home+ always discus the price we will charge with the Manager or Assistant Manager,
    Select the quantity ordered for each item.
    On Home+ P.O the shipping cost will be added directly to the to the item price, for any other P.O the shipping cost must be added to the "shipping Cost" box to the left.
    One you are done, have the Manager or Assistant Manager review your P.O If everything checks out the you can click on Finalize Order.
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