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    How to Create a New Vendor Profile for an Agent

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      Navigate to Brokerage Engine.
      Click "Accounting" to navigate to the module.
      Click "Expenses"
      Click "Vendors"
      Click the "New Vendor" button.
      Add the "First Name" on the required field.
      Type an optional "Middle Name" in the field.
      Type the "Last Name" where required.
      If the Agent has a company, add the Name on this line.
      On the "Display Name" field, type the name to be used by the system.
      Unclick the checkbox next to "Use display name" if the name to be printed on checks and the display name differ.
      Type the name to be used for check printing.
      Click the "Tax Identification Number" field. The system automatically identifies if the Vendor is an individual or a company based on their Tax Identification Number format.
      Click on the checkbox for the system to track payments for 1099 purposes.
      Use this section to add the contact information for the Vendor, such as phone numbers and mailing address.
      Use this field to add any Notes.
      Click "Save" once the information input has been completed.
      Click "OK"
      The sections for Transactions and Bank Accounts will now appear. Under Transactions, all the transactional activity will be displayed. The Bank Accounts portion is to be utilized by Payload.
      Use the "Audit History" button to pull an activity log for the Vendor profile. The profile can also be made inactive or added to the Closing Entities available on the front end of the system.
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