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    How to Create a Personal Fundraising Page for Candlelighters Fun Walk-2023

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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Start A Team"
    If you are a bringing back a RETURNING Fun Walk Team, click "signed in" to prompt your Team History to autopopulate.
    Enter your Username and Password to Log In, or click "Email me my login information"
    Once you're logged in, click "Visit Participant Center"
    Follow the "What to do next?" prompts in your Participant Center. Start by clicking on "Set Up Your Personal Page"
    Once you've updated your personal page, click "Save"
    Next step is to click "Add contacts to Your Address Book" and follow the prompts to upload email addresses from your preferred email account.
    To edit your goal, scroll down below the prompted steps and click "Edit Goal"
    Once your personal goal is updated to your liking, click "Save"
    You can customize your personal page URL by clicking "Click here to customize your URL." This makes sharing via email or text easier for your friends and family to navigate.
    To update the picture on your personal page, scroll all the way down and click "Update Media"
    Once you have added, click "Save/Upload"
    When your page is properly updated by following steps 6-13, you can connect to a Facebook Fundraiser by clicking "Edit Fundraiser Content"
    Once your text is how you want it for your Facebook Fundraiser, click "Save and Connect Fundraiser to Facebook"
    Are you a Team Captain who wants to also update your Team Page and Goal? Scroll down and switch between "Me" and "My Team" where you see these 2 tabs
    Edit your Team Goal by clicking "Edit Goal"
    Once updated, click "Save"
    Update your Team Page URL by clicking "URL Settings"
    Once personalized, click "Save"

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