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    How to Create a Portfolio in Asana

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    On the left hand side bar, click the "+" next to "Insights".
    Click "New portfolio"
    Name the portfolio and set privacy to "private to portfolio members".
    Click "Create portfolio"
    To add projects to the portfolio, click "Add work".
    Select or search by name for the projects you would like to add to the portfolio.
    Once you have added the projects into the portfolio, you are able to see a high level view of their progress on one screen with multiple types of filtering and sorting available.
    Under "filter" you can filter by: 1) Archive status 2) Completion status 3) Owner 4) Priority 5) Status
    Under "sort" your options are: 1) Status 2) Owner 3) Date 4) Name 5) Completed 6) Duration 7) Time remaining 8) Priority
    Under "Progress type" your options are: 1) Task 2) Milestone
    Using the three ellipses in the right hand corner, you can save your filtering and sorting as the default layout.
    Next to the name of the Portfolio, the portfolio actions drop down gives the options: 1) Rename 2) Copy portfolio link 3) Set color 4) Save layout as default 5) Export 6) Delete
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