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    How to Create a Project in Asana

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    Navigate to [](
    On your dashboard, click "Create Project"
    There are many asana templates available, you can import a spreadsheet or you can click "Blank Project" to start from scratch
    Give your project a name. Mine is called "Content Cluster."
    Select your default view. You can change your view at any time.
    Now you can start adding tasks, share your project with teammates, or set up a workflow.
    I selected set up a workflow. This allows you to set up steps and automate assignments (for Business only)
    The default steps are To Do, In Progress and Done.
    Update your section names based on your workflow.
    Once done you can either go to your project or add automations.
    With automations, each step can have rules it will automatically follow, such as assigning tasks, adding collaborators, creating subtasks and more.
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