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    How to Create a Prompt in Sticai

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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Templates"
    Click this icon.
    Click "Collection"
    Fill out "Title" and "Description" about your new collection. For example: Title ā€“ šŸ‹ My workflows (You can skip emoji if you want) Description ā€“ All about my workflows.
    Click "Save"
    Click "Mine"
    Click "šŸ‹ My workfows"
    Click "Create new"
    Click "Prompt"
    Click the "Prompt" field.
    Fill out "Prompt" For example: Prompt ā€“ Rewrite the following content so that it is not detected as AI content by AI content detectors. [your text]
    Important information for you: please use square brackets to replace the placeholder in your prompt. Here's an example of what it should look like: [ your content ]. This will help prevent errors and ensure that your prompt is complete.
    Click on the dropdown menu and choose the category you created. In this case, we will choose "šŸ‹ My workflows".
    Click "Create prompt"
    Please click on the template that we just made.
    Click "Quick Try"
    Click this text field. Type the text you want to rewrite.
    Click "Generate ideas"
    Click this icon. To "Copy response to Clipboard"

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