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    How to Create a Public Proposal in Dubsado

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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Templates"
    Click "Forms"
    Create or select the relevant proposal.
    Go to Settings.
    NOTE! If your public proposal is (or will be) attached to a scheduler, you should NOT toggle on the contract option. Contracts cannot be paired with schedulers.
    Toggle to YES this option.
    Set all settings related to the public proposal. If your workflow isn't created yet, leave this blank and come back to this step later.
    Fill in a Redirect URL, if desired. Note that if you have a contract or invoice attached to your proposal, the redirect URL will NOT work.
    Select a default project status, if desired.
    Customize the Project Title using the Client Smart Fields dropdown, otherwise all created projects will have the title of your form.
    I recommend using "Client Full Name" to customize.
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