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    How to Create a Removal Order on Amazon Seller Central

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    Navigate to [](
    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Manage All Inventory"
    Select listings by clicking check boxes besides them
    You can search for an item with FNSKU, SKU, ASIN, ISBN or title of the item and select it for removal order
    For creating removal order for multiple items, select check boxes for those items and click "Action on .... selected"
    Click "Create removal order"
    Click "Yes, continue"
    There are 3 types of removal orders: Liquidation, Return-to-Address and Dispose Liquidation: Amazon tries to sell your item to a liquidator for %5 to %10 of average selling price, refunds you the value recovered but applies processing fee for this method ($0.25+ 0.15\*value recovered) This is the most affordable removal method. Return-to-Address: Amazon sends your item back to you, charging at least $0.97 (may change) Dispose: Amazon disposes item, charging at least $0.97 (may change)
    Select removal method
    Select the number of items you want to create removal for each item For this example there are 3 items available for removal for the first SKU. You may want to remove only one of them.
    Click "Review"
    Click "Confirm"
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