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    How to Create a Rule or Custom Rule in Asana Old Rules Builder

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    Once in the project you would like to create a rule for, click "customize" in the top right corner.
    Click or scroll down to "rules".
    Click "Add rule"
    Rules can be selected from the recommended list either by scrolling or by selecting the other software you would like the rule to work with. An example would be adding subtasks to each task that is added to the project.
    Notice the action trigger has already been chosen for you. You would add the subtasks into the list under "create Subtasks" on the right hand side and click "Create rule". This would add that rule only to the project where you created it.

    Creating a Custom Rule

    Click "Create custom rule" from the same page as the recommended rules.
    First you will "Add Trigger". This is the action that will make the rule happen.
    An example trigger would be "Task is added to this project" found in the side bar that opens when you clicked "Add trigger".
    You then select the source of where the project should look for those tasks
    It could be all tasks or form submissions for this example.
    Once you have selected a trigger, you will need to add an action. This is what you are asking Asana to do when it sees the trigger take place. Clicking "add action" will open a side bar on the right.
    There are many options. For this example, we will click "Move to a section."
    We will choose which section we want the tasks to be moved to within the project under the "Choose a column/section" drop down menu.
    Select a section.
    Click "Create rule"
    You will now see that rule under the Rules list for that project.

    Rule Options

    When creating a rule, either from the recommended list or a custom rule, there are some options.
    Click "Run on tasks" to get the option to either run that rule on just Tasks or also on Subtasks.
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