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    How to Create a Schedule Template

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    Log in to your Hapana Core Account - [](
    Click **Schedule**
    Navigate to the **\+ icon** to **Create Session**
    Add in your **Session Name** and select the desired **Session Type** from the dropdown menu. Alternatively you can press the **pencil icon** to add a **New Session Type.**
    Add in your **Class Description**
    Here you have the option to add information regarding what **Items are Supplied** and what **Items to Bring**. If no specific items are needed, leave these toggled off.
    Add in the **Date** and **Time** of the first session you would like to schedule. Use the **repeat icon** if you would like to set this template to be a recurring session.
    Select the **Session Duration** from the dropdown menus.
    Select the **Location and Room** that the class will be held in. If the desired Location is not an option use the **\+ icon** to the right to add a new **Location.**
    Complete the below fields. *Note: **Drop-in Price** is how much will be charged in $ if a client doesn't have valid credits to participate.*
    Select the desired '**Yes'** or '**No'** responses for the below settings. If **Waitlist = Yes** you will need to add a number of waitlist spots available.
    From here, you have two options. If you press **Next** in the bottom right corner of the screen the class will be scheduled into the calendar but this will not be saved as a template. If you would like to save this schedule as a template, press the **Save as Template** button at the bottom, left of the screen.
    You will be redirected to the calendar view when the Schedule Template is successfully saved. Continue through the below steps to learn how to easily add this template to your future schedule and/or edit the template in the future. Click the **cog icon** to open **Schedule Settings**
    Select **Schedule Templates**
    Locate the template you just created from the list.
    Click the **pencil icon** to open the template for editing.
    Here you will see all the information you just input to create the template. This is how you will edit the template, if needed, in the future.
    To schedule classes using this saved template head to the **Schedule** tab at the top of your screen.
    Select the day/time on the calendar view, where you would like to schedule the class.
    You have the option to edit the date and time if you clicked the wrong area of the calendar view.
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