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    How to Create a Team and Invite Teammates

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    Tip! Teams are "home" to your Scribes and allow you to organize them within folders, and restrict access to them to team members only. You can belong to multiple different teams within Scribe.

    Create a Team

    You'll need permissions to create a new team! If you don't see this option, reach out to your System Admin to request the Team Creator role.
    Navigate to [](
    Click the team logo in the top left corner.
    Click "Create New Team"
    Type your desired team name and click "Create Team"

    Invite Teammates

    Click "Invite Teammates" from the left hand menu.
    Or, click "Invite" in the top right corner.
    Enter email addresses to invite.
    Copy/paste a list of emails that are comma or semi-colon separated for faster inviting!
    Select what role new teammates should have.
    Admins have the ability to modify team-wide settings, invite users, remove users, and change user settings. They can also create, update, view, and delete Scribes. On some plans, they can also mark scribes as verified or under review and have access to the review queue. Creators can create, update, view, and delete Scribes. They cannot modify team wide settings, review Scribes, or remove users. They can invite users. Viewers can search for, open and view Scribes that are shared with them. They cannot create or edit Scribes.
    Add a custom message.
    Click "Send Invites"
    Your teammates will receive an email from you inviting them to join Scribe! They will be prompted to sign up and create a password if they have not already done so. If they are already a member of another Scribe team, they will be able to accept the invite the next time they log in.

    Manage Invites for a Specific Team

    Navigate to [](
    Click the main dropdown menu.

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