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    How to Create a Zoom Meeting (+ Setup an "Add to Calendar" link) for a Free Workshop

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    Setup Your Zoom Meeting

    Navigate to [](
    Click "Meetings"
    Click "Schedule a Meeting"
    Type " **Insert the Name of Your Workshop**" Workshop
    Click the "When" field and set the date, time, timezone, and duration of the event.
    Make sure the "Meeting ID" setting is "Generate Automatically"
    Toggle off the continuous meeting chat
    In the "Security" section set the "passcode" field for the event. You can create a one-word passcode that is easy to use. Here's an example below! **NOTE:** *We do this so you don't have to manually let in attendees while you're presenting your LIVE workshop*
    Click "Show"
    Uncheck "Allow Participants to Join"
    Uncheck "Automatically record meeting" (EWA Version)
    If you are going to automatically record the meeting set it to "In the Cloud" so its easy for team to access when sending the replay.
    Click "Save"

    Setup the AddEvent Calendar Link

    Switch to tab "[]( - Add to Calendar and event tools for websites, newsletters and campaigns." This step is a BONUS step. If you'd like to add more simplicity for your participants (ie. make it really easy to add your paid masterclass to their calendars you can continue with this workflow)
    While logged into [](, Click "Go to app"
    Click "Create"
    Click "Create an event to share with your users and get on their calendars"
    Double-click the "Title of your event" field.
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