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    How to Create an Exam Submission in RegisterBlast

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      Please do not use the Safari browser to access the professor portal. This will result in errors and inability to access RegisterBlast.
      Open your Canvas course and select RegisterBlast in your navigation panel. This will bring you to the professor portal in RegisterBlast.
      Click the blue circle with the plus sign. This is the add submission button.
      The exam name for your submission must be the same name you've given your exam in your Canvas course.
      Always select "Academic Testing - 'SEMESTER' > 'CANVAS COURSE NAME'"
      Select the dates your exam will open and end in Canvas. Exam can be open 2-5 days. DO NOT use the Time Restriction link. If you receive an error when trying to schedule for two days, please notify us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and we will administratively change the dates to the two dates you are seeking.
      Per policy, allotted minutes should be no longer than class length, unless otherwise arranged. Assessment length should be appropriate for the exam with NO added time built in. Allotted minutes = appointment time. Inflated times will negatively impact test center capacity.
      The exam will automatically be uploaded to each of our center locations upon approval. All four main center locations will be automatically selected. Please DO NOT change these automated settings unless otherwise authorized.
      If you are using our proctor vetting service for off-campus, remote students, you are able to upload the exam at the time of your submission. If you are not ready to upload your written exam at the time of your submission, you may do so at a later date, at least 2 business days prior to when the assessment opens. For Test Center users, simply click "Next."
      Fill out the appropriate exam information in the next field. This is what Test Center staff will use when students check-in. Please note that the "Number of students testing" field **should be as accurate as possible.** Inflated numbers **negatively impact** test center capacity.
      Do not use this section unless authorized to do so by Test Center staff. Simply click "Next."
      Use the final text block at the end of the submission form to provide additional details to the Test Center related to the exam.
      Click "Submit" when you are ready to upload your submission to the Test Center for review.
      Alert! If you have multiple sections of the same course, you will need to enter an exam request for each Canvas course as students are tied to the Canvas course.
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