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    How to Create an Expense Using Category Details

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      Navigate to Brokerage Engine.
      Click "Accounting"
      Click on the "Quick Actions" menu.
      Click "New Expense"
      Select a Payee from the dropdown list or select "Click to Add New" to create one.
      Select an account to record the expense from the dropdown menu.
      The system will display the Balance of the Payment Account
      Set the Payment Date using the small calendar icon.
      Select a Payment Method.
      Click and fill out the "Reference Number" field.
      Select an optional Accounting Tag.
      If the Payee has an associated Default Account, this field will auto-populate. Otherwise, make a selection by clicking on the dropdown menu.
      Add a description.
      Use this field to record the Amount.
      Select a Class from the dropdown menu.
      Click the "Add Line" button to create additional rows on the Expense Page.
      Click the Trash Bin Icon to delete a line.
      Click the "Clear All" button to reset all fields.
      Once all the information has been inputted, click "Save"
      Click "OK"
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