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    How to Create an Infographic in Canva

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    Alert! If you are using a free Canva account, be sure to only use free templates & graphics in your design. If you see something has a "PRO" label, do not use it in your project. You will not be able to export and share your design.
    Navigate to [](
    Click "Create a design"
    Click "Infographic"
    Use the search field to find a template that fits your needs.
    Select a template from the results.
    To change your fonts, select the text you want to customize.
    Click the font drop down menu.
    Select the font that fits your preference.
    Click "Change all" to change all instances of that font.
    Repeat for all other fonts that need to be changed.
    Customize the colors in the document by clicking on an object that you want to customize.
    Click the color swatch.
    Select a new color.
    Click "Change all" to replace all instances of the color you are changing.
    Repeat for any other colors you would like to change.
    Replace the template text with your new text.
    To change text color, click here.
    Select a new color.
    To replace the graphics...

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