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    How to Create an SOP Template in Notion

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    Navigate to [](
    Find the "Dream Dashboard" in Notion. Click the button that says "Start a new SOP".
    Click "SOP Template". This will apply the correct icon to the SOP. Soon we'll have a more standard template for SOPs with more information.
    Rename the SOP.
    Click the "Company" drop down.
    Select the company this SOP relates to. In this case, this SOP is for Wildest Dreama (AKA US!).
    Click "Software"
    Click "Software" and start typing in any software that relates to this SOP. You can add as many softwares are you need. **Tip: If a software doesn't show in your search, it needs to be added to our tech stack. You can select the "Add new tech" button on the Dream Dash to add this software and the continue creating your SOP.
    Select the status of your SOP. If you're just dumping info in a quick moment, select "Brain Dump". If you're actually organizing the SOP to prepare it to be ready but you're not going to quite finish now, select "in progress". If you're waiting for feedback, select "in review". Complete is pretty self-explanatory =).
    Click "tags" to select the tag that goes with your SOP by business function. If you're not sure, click "unsure" and your reviewer can help with this.
    Click "Visible to" to select your audience. Select "unsure" if you don't know and your reviewer will help fill this field.
    Click the callout at the top and type in what this SOP is for.
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