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    How to Create and Publish a New Training

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    Click the Training module icon in the left side tray.
    Click "Manage All Training" (This is an Admin only function)
    Click "Add new training"
    Add your desired training name to the "Name" field. (If you do not put a name, the title of the training will default to "New Training, the date and time it was created)
    You may specify the priority of this training here.
    Enter the description of the training.
    Click here.
    Under Training Materials, you can upload files or link to a training website such as KnowBe4.
    Access Control allows you to add your custodians, consumers, and view audience for this training. *See Glossary for more information on these terms
    You may use any of the provided Instruction templates or you may select "Custom Template" to create your own instructions.
    Select the Frequency you would like your Training to occur. This can be One Time, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, and Calendar Quarterly.
    Select the "Interval" of the training. For this example, the training will occur Calendar Quarterly. You can choose for it to occur on the first or last day of the quarter.
    Training first due date determines what date the initial training is due on. You will then select how many days prior to the due date, the training can be taken.
    If you would like your users to be able to allow late submissions, Clic Allow late submissions" and select the amount of time you will allow late submissions.
    Click "Show upcoming training due dates" to see a list of scheduled due dates.
    Click "Assign new users immediately in current training cycle, unless the next cycle is within" and Select the number of days *Note that this number of days cannot be greater than the number of days in the cycle minus the number of days when training becomes available.
    Lastly, you have the option to add approvers. Click "Automatically publish, if all mandatory approvals are received"
    Click "Add approvers" if you would like to follow an approval path. This step is not necessary. If you add Approvers you must specify their Approver Type, Due Date, and option for Electronic Signature. *Note: See more Glossary for more information on these terms.
    Click "Create training"
    Click "Publish"
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