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    How to Create and Send a Proposal on WeLoveCode

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    Navigate to []( and select the chat regarding the client you want to send a proposal
    Click "Create a Proposal"
    Please click on "Description" and enter the list of deliverables. It is recommended that this list is synced with the Scope document that you will be sending in the next step.
    Click the "Roadmap" field - We really recommend you to follow this template: [](
    Click "Next"
    Choose your contract terms. You can send multiple proposals, so feel free to send proposals in different scenarios with different prices and/or different scopes.
    Add your Hourly rate (if you selected hourly), monthly salary (if you selected monthly), or your budget (if you selected fixed price). You should also provide a estimative of hours to spend in this project.
    Click "Next"
    Explain why you are the right person. You can talk that you have a lot of experience with the tools, with the industries, or a piece of text that you are really engaged with the project and want to make it happen!
    Set a expire date for your proposal. Your proposal will be automatically expired if the client don't pay until that moment.
    Click "Next" to review your proposal.
    Review your proposal, and once you are done, click "Create proposal"
    Done! Now you just have to talk a little bit more with the client until the client accepts the proposal!
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