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    How to Create and Test an RS-232 Command

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      RS-232 commands require an additional cable that runs from the COM port of the Breeze player to the RS-232 In port of the monitor being assigned commands. Please insure this cable is connected before testing.
      Select "RS-232/UDP/TCP Commands".
      Click the "Add Network Command" icon.
      Enter a name for the command you are creating. This will create a new command folder of all your devices. Select "OK" to save your new command.
      Select the device you wish to add a command to.
      Select the type of command.
      Type "COM1" in the Port section.
      COM1 is the most common port to use on most Breeze players, but you may need to double check which port your cables are connected to.
      Enter the Hex code into the "Command" cell. Be sure to omit any spaces or dashes.
      Click "UPDATE" to save your command.
      Click the "Test Command" icon to test your command.
      After successfully testing your command, we recommend saving it to a template so you can easily assign the command to other players that use the same monitor on your Breeze server.
      Click the "+" icon to save your command as a template.
      Name your command template. We recommend using the specific brand of monitor in the name because different brands utilize different HEX codes so a new template will need to be created if using a different brand's monitor. Click "OK" to save your template.
      Follow this guide to schedule your commands on a Breeze device: [](
      If you have any questions or need assistance, please visit our [website](, or contact our Helpdesk: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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