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    How to Deploy to Heroku From GitHub

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      To get started, first open "Terminal"
      The process to install Git and the Heroku CLI can be done entirely through the Terminal. From here, we can even deploy our app.
      Let's started by initializing a repository. Type "git init" and hit [[Enter]]
      Next, make sure you're tracking your app's code but adding all files and writing your first commit message. To do this type "git add ." and hit [[Enter]]
      Next, create your first commit message by typing "git commit -m "commit message"" and hit [[Enter]]
      Now we'll create a Heroku remote via the command line interface. To do this. Type the following and hit [[Enter]]: heroku create -a example-app
      You can confirm that the remote has been properly set for Heroku by running the following command "git remote -v" and hit [[Enter]]
      Finally, we can deploy our code by pushing from your local branch to the Heroku remote. Do this by typing the following command: "git push heroku main" and hit [[Enter]]
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