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    How to Deposit Funds onto

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    Navigate to and log in.
    Click "Deposit" on the top right.
    Since we used Ethereum in our Metamask wallet tutorial, we will do the same here for consistency's sake. Select Ethereum. *PLEASE NOTE*: In order to deposit to our site, you will first need to enter your eligible residential address to confirm you are able to play on our site. If this has not been done, the following step will not display a deposit address. Instead, it will be an update account tab that will prompt you to submit you address, and resubmit your password for verification purposes. Once complete, you can proceed to the next step.
    Now your Ethereum deposit address is displayed below! Click the piece of paper icon to copy the deposit address. You'll need it in the next step.
    Remember that Metamask Crypto wallet we talked about? In a previous tutorial, I showed you how to create and access this wallet, and then showed you how to load funds to it in the form of Ethereum. Now that we have done that and copied that Ethereum deposit address, let's open our Metamask wallet in our chrome browser and make sure we are logged in. Beneath your balance, we have several buttons. Second from the left is our send button which you should now click. Paste the deposit address we copied in the address bar.
    You may now select the amount of Ethereum you would like to deposit to your account, which will also be displayed in your native fiat currency for reference beneath. It will also show the gas fees for sending the funds.
    Once everything looks correct, you may click next. Once you authorize the transaction and sent, your funds are on their way to your account! *PLEASE NOTE*: These transactions are not instant and can take several minutes. You may check the status of your deposit inside your metamask wallet under the "Activity" tab. Once this is complete, you have made a deposit to and may play your heart out! Please gamble responsibly!

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