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    How to Deposit to zkSync Lite

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    The following steps were done on the Goerli testnet so expect some images to be different but the steps are the same.
    There is an account activation fee applied on the first transaction after depositing. Deposit an additional ~$20 to cover it during high gas fees. Learn more about the account activation fee in [](
    Navigate to [](
    Click on the Ethereum symbol in the bottom right to switch between mainnet and testnet.
    To connect your wallet to the zkSync Lite Mainnet select the "Ethereum Mainnet" for your network.
    Select your method to connect your wallet.
    Click "+ Top up".
    Click "zkSync".
    Select the token to deposit.
    1. If you can't find your token, some tokens will be referred to by their internal id number on the Tokens page []( instead of their token symbol. (E.g. ERC20-23 = UNI) 2. You can add a new token on the Tokens page if it is not already available on zkSync Lite.
    Enter the amount to deposit.
    Click "Top up".
    If you add a token that requires approval, you need to pay a gas fee on Ethereum to authorize the deposit to zkSync. You will see the following messages before moving on to the next step.
    Read the message in your wallet pop-up and sign if everything looks correct.
    A deposit to zkSync is a transaction from Ethereum to zkSync, and it typically takes about 5 minutes or about 10 block confirmations on Ethereum L1. The time can vary based on the congestion of the Ethereum network and the L1 gas fee set for the transaction.
    To check on the status of the deposit, click "Link to the transaction".
    Once the funds show on the "Balances in L2" the funds are ready for use.
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