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    How to Enable Multifactor Authentication for Webex

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    Open a web browser and go to [Webex Account Settings](*12n265p*_gcl_au*MjA2OTkxNTA1Ni4xNjk1MjI5NjE3#/) and sign in. Choose **[[]]** if prompted.
    Scroll down and select "Enable Multi-Factor Authentication."
    Toggle MFA on.
    Sign out of your Webex account.
    Open a new tab and log back in at [](
    You'll be prompted to set up MFA with Duo Mobile, select "Next."
    Open the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone and tap "Add" to add a new account.
    Select "Use QR code."
    Scan the QR code using your smartphone.
    Name the account **Webex**. Select "Next."
    If you get prompted to create a recovery password, be sure to use one you will remember. This password will be used to recover your MFA account if you lose your device.
    Enter the six-digit passcode from the Duo Mobile app and select "Submit."
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