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    How to Enroll Your Child for Ark Juniors at ICNE

    • Abubakr Fakhry |
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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Ark Juniors At ICNE - Fall 2023"
    Click "Enroll My Child Now"

    Step One: Create an account as a parent

    Click "Create an account"
    Add Parent 1 Info
    Click this dropdown.
    Please do not enter the same email or phone number twice. Rather, please enter the correct info for both parents or legal guardian.
    Parent 2 info is so important.
    The email and password here are for the primary account holder.

    Step Two: Children Info

    Click here.
    Click the "(required)" field.
    School Level MUST match the program you are applying for.
    Please upload a photo of your child.
    Click this button.
    If you have multiple Children please repeat the previous steps for all the children
    Click this text field.
    Click this button.

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