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    How to File an Eviction in Nationwide Compliant

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    Navigate to <>
    Use your property's Username and Password to log in.
    On the Home screen, Click "File Eviction"
    Under the Property Information, "Select the Property" by clicking the dropdown menu. The Eviction Type and the Lease Type will not change as this setting is filtered by property.
    For the "Reason for Eviction", you will select the Reason of the Eviction. This is where you will highlight if you are filing for Non -Payment of Rent, Non-Renewal, Criminal Activity, or Other reasons.
    Under "Defendant's Information" you will list all Leaseholders on the lease and their information. **First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Address, Social Security, Head of Household's Phone Number and Email.**
    Note: If you **do not** have a Social Security on file for the resident. **Click "Click here if no SSN" for an additional $15.00 to verify the Military Verification Status.**
    Alert! If you do not have a Date of Birth for the resident you will NOT be able to file an eviction using Nationwide Compliant. Please use our second vendor to submit the file or you will have to file directly with the court (In-House filing).
    Under the CARES Act Restrictions, you will answer several questions in regard to your property specifics. If your property is **under the CARES Act you will answer "YES"** on the first question. If your property is **NOT covered under the CARES Act you will select "NO".** On the following question you will select the timeline that the notice was used. If your property is **under the CARES Act you will select "We served a 30 day NTV".** If your property is **NOT covered under the CARES Act you will select "Yes, we wish to proceed with a 3 day NTV".** ***\*Note:*** *If your property is NOT covered under the CARES Act you will also selected "NO" when asked if the property is under a multifamily borrower under the forbearance.*
    In continuation of the CARES Act section, there will be two questions that will outline how the property is identified under the CARES Act and if the property is under an Affordable Housing Program. **For question 1.** - Select "I verified on <>". \ **For question 2.** - Select the **Affordable Housing program that your property is under (LIHTC, HUD, Sec. 8)**. If your property is **NOT** under an affordable program **select "N/A".**
    Next, you will draft a **"CARES Act Verification of Compliance Prefilled Form".** This form must be completed for each filing and to be uploaded to the required Tenant Documents in Section 6. A.
    Alert! Certain properties won't have this section highlighted. **If you don't see this section "Download prefilled form. Download blank form" this means that your property doesn't require this form** when filing and you can skip this step.
    To make it easier for you, we have created a prefilled Verification of Compliance Form as a "Form Letter in Resman". **To access this form you will need to go to Resman &gt; Tools &gt; Form Letters &gt; Under "General Notices" Click ATX/SA 30 or 3 Day Verification of Compliance" &gt; Select the Unit you wish to create this notice to and fill in the required information** on the next step. If your property is issuing a **3-day Notice please select the 3-Day Verification of Compliance**. If your property is using a **30-day Notice please select the 30-Day Verification of Compliance.**
    On the prefilled form letter in Resman the Verification of Compliance Form will need to be filled out by the Property Manager/Authorized Agent and **fill out the following information highlighted in pink - Plaintiff, Defendant, Precinct No., and your First, Middle, Last Name.**
    Section 2. a - "Declaration or Notary" will need to be completed with the information from the **Property Manager/Agent. First/Last Name, Date of Birth, Property Address, County, Date, and Signature.** **Note:** Do not complete section 2. b as you have already filled out section 2.a
    To finalize the Verification of Compliance, the last section of the "Certificate of Service" needs to be completed. **Select how the 3/30 day notice was delivered to the resident, include the date you are drafting the notice, and print and sign.** Save the document as a pdf. form as this will be needed when uploading the documents.
    Next, you will answer the questions for "Texas Eviction Diversion Program". **For question 1**. - Review the TX Eviction Diversion Program listed on the green box on the right and Select "YES".\ **For question 2.** -Select "NO" as none of our properties are participating in the program.\ **For question 3.**\-Select "NO" as we are not participating in the Texas Rent Relief as this program has closed.
    **In the section "Fees" you will break down the amount owed reflected in the ledger under the following sections.** \ 1\. Monthly Rent Only \ 2\. Past Due Rent Only\ 3\. Date defendant became delinquent for full monthly rent\ 4\. Lease Start Date \ 5\. Lease End Date\ 6\. Date of the 3/30 Day Notice\ 7\. Total amount of Late Fees Only \ 8\. Legal Fee charge \ 9\. NSF Fee (if applied)\ 10\. Total amount of Utilities Only\ 11\. Any other charges added to the ledger\ **The "Total Due" amount should be equal to the amount reflect on the ledger.**
    **Click "Notice Type" and select how the 3/30 day notice was delivered to the resident -** "Posted inside the door, Hand delivered to the defendant, or Hand delivered to a person, etc."
    **Under the "Tenant Documents" please upload the required court documents and confirm the type of documents uploaded.** \ Required documents are - Lease, Ledger, Notice to Vacate, and Cares Act Verification of Compliance (if needed). After uploading the documents **check mark the below boxes in section B.**
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